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"Its not the fight between x, y, and z bands,
but a battle between two sides:
Underground quality music
and the plastic mainstream stars"
(Atilla "Crow" Varju, Wendigo band, Hungary)

Dear Friends in Metal,
as many of you know the year 2006 has brought the first victory of metal at the Eurovision Song Contest, by the band Lordi from Finland.
This year, 2007, has brought to us 2 participating entries that can be classified as hard rock / traditional heavy metal, by Eirikur Hauksson from Iceland and band Kabat from Czech Republic.

Eirikur Hauksson aka Eric Hawk is the most famous Icelandic heavy metal vocalist and former member of the bands Drysill and Artch. At the Eurovision 2007 he presents song "Valentine Lost" written by Sveinn Runar Sigurdsson and Peter Fenner
Listen to the song here
Watch videoclip: here
Watch live performance (in Icelandic) here
Read more:

A tiger trapped inside a cage/An actor on an empty stage./Come see the show!/

Rock n' roll will heal your soul/When broken hearts lose all control.

Band "Kabat" is the most successful heavy metal band in Czech Republic active from the year of 1983. Their Best Of album still is the most sold item in the country in any genre of music. At Eurovision 2007 they present song "Mala dama" (Little Lady).
Watch live performance here
Read more: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/


S touhle bych zemrel v jedinej den / A jestli Vam to nestaci
Kdyby tam stala stovka zen / Vyzvu ji k tanci a to netancim

Thus, both entries will need your support on the night of the semifinal, 10th of May 2007 (Eirikur is 5th in running order, Kabat are 16th) and hopefully on the night of final, 12th of May 2007. Eurovision will be broadcasted by most of the European national broadcasters with voting opportunity, for more details check www.eurovision.tv - official website of competition, and your local TV listings on the date of contest. Feel free to spread the news around and

Stay Metal!

Heavy Metal Eurovision will be back in Summer of 2007!

Heavy Metal Eurovision - 4rd edition (June 2006)
4rd edition of the Heavy Metal Eurovision is finished.
Please find results below. Congratulations to the winners and good luck to all bands and voters.
We're planning special 5th edition sometime in Autumn. Stay tuned for the announcements.

3rd edition, 2nd edition, 1st edition


Check: photogallery, lyrics

Country Band (official website link) Song (mp3 link) Album (metal-archives link) Average points Place
Albania Diadema Kur Bie Muzgu Mbreti I Fundit 2004 3,8 36
Austria Firestorm Back From Hell Back From Hell 2003 5,5 17
Belarus Staya Sedaya Voda Strana L'dov 2005 5,5 17
Belgium Zero Gravity Even Gods (alternative link) Synchronicity 2003 5,0 28
Bosnia and Herzegovina Apocalypse Crucifixion Igra 2003 5,2 23
Bulgaria Pantommind Shade of Fate Shade of Fate 2005 5,6 11
Croatia Soundbringer Curse Of The King Only Kings And Horses 2005 5,1 27
Cyprus Crestfallen Obliterate Lose my mind 2005 4,7 33
Czech Republic Cruel Fata Morgana Vino z temnych hroznu 2001 5,0 28
Denmark 7 thorns Artificial Night Artificial Night 2005 6,4 1
Estonia BloodRain Tell Me Soul BloodRain 2002 4,6 35
Finland Airut Lyijykyyneleet Tiennayttaja 2003 5,4 19
France Conscience Different Gravity Half-Sick Of Shadows 2005 5,8 10
Germany Deadly Sin Foolmoon Desire Lost Horizon 2001 6,2 2
Greece Arkenstone Forevermore The Awakening Of Sense 2006 6,0 7
Hungary EGO Harcom (1st track only) Demo 2005 5,6 11
Ireland Defect Dead Silence Dead Silence 2005 5,6 11
Israel Prometey Litargic World Litargic World 2003 5,3 20
Italy Odyssea Fly Tears in Floods 2004 6,1 4
Kazakhstan Otrazhenie Sistema (alternative link) Demo 2006 4,9 30
FYR Macedonia Holocaust Domination Of Sinners Domination Of Sinners 2005 4,7 33
The Netherlands The Dust Connection Armour To Shatter The Dust Connection 2003 5,6 11
Norway WinterStrain Another Time Return To The Mirror 2006 6,2 2
Poland Privateer Monolith Monolith 2005 5,9 9
Portugal Ironsword Brothers of the Blade Return of the Warrior 2004 5,3 20
Romania Amala Romanie, hai! Demo 5,2 23
Russia Magister Niagara Niagara 2004 5,6 11
Serbia and Mont. Tornado I Love Japan Triumph of The King 2002 5,6 11
Slovakia Baron Blade Also The Dragon Cries Xtreme Power Of Metal 2002 5,3 20
Slovenia Separatus Roka Pravice (No Use) Separatus 2005 5,2 23
Spain Opera Magna Horizontes de Gloria El Ultimo Caballero 2006 6,1 4
Sweden StormCrow Dr. X In Wonderland No Fear of Tomorrow 2005 6,1 4
Switzerland Godiva Hellraiser (click on) Call Me Under 666 2005 4,9 30
Turkey Knight Errant Nothing's Like it Appears Knight Errant 2000 4,8 32
UK Power Quest Temple Of Fire Neverworld 2003 6,0 7
Ukraine Dena-Zet Barakudy Uznik Svobody 2004 5,2 23


Additional clarification: Ladies and Gentlemen! We once again underline that this contest is FAN BASED and UNOFFICIAL. In should be NEVER mixed with Eurovision Song Contest organized by EBU which is live event. Heavy Metal Eurovision is organized within the regular frames of such type of internet contests. There are dozens if not hundreds such contests in the other musical styles in the web, and as this is first attempt to organize such contest in heavy metal style, it is rather new for the audience, and we need to clarify and emphasize on the fact that participating bands ARE NOT directly involved in the contest. Some of them are not even informed about their participation, and result in this fan contest can not affect them at all. No prizes are distributed as well. It is simple GAME, the one you can play, or can ignore, or can invent your own one with your favourite bands and different rules. Purpose of it is to promote heavy metal bands from different European countries among us, heavy metal fans. Stay metal!

Also, we'd like to congratulate Finnish band Lordi for winning real Eurovision Song Contest, the event our main site www.esckaz.com/ devoted to. Lordi in 2006 and Wig Wam from Norway in 2005 brought rock feeling into main Eurovision, and hopefully more to follow next year.
Prior to their participation in Eurovision we've talked about our "Heavy Metal Eurovision" with Mr. Lordi, lead singer of Lordi, and he reacted on our project saying "That's cool!". So we've got rock-n-roll angels blessing! :)

Main rules:

Participating countries
- active and associate members of European Broadcasting Union. Few countries may be in and out from one edition to another if no suitable bands are located for respective country. There is no official relegation for the countries and participation depends only on availability of the suitable entries. Few countries may be granted exclusion, like Kazakhstan, which takes part in the contest as special guest country.
As per request, we'd like to explain the fact that for example Malta, Latvia, Lithuania and some other countries which took part in previous editions are missing now - we were not able to locate suitable (that means heavy but not death/hardcore band) from those countries. It doesn't mean there aren't any but getting audiofiles from them appeared to be problematic. We hope this countries will get back in the next edition and rely on you - please if you know any bands in the missing countries - send us your suggestions!
Attention: since the 6th edition of the contest we may start allowing associate members of EBU to participate, at least it is discussed. Among associate members are USA, South Africa, Canada, Australia and others. For more information on active and associate membership read website ebu.ch. We're planning special 5th anniversary edition later this year.

Requirements for participating bands: page at www.metal-archives.com, official website with mp3 files available for download in decent quality. Priority is given to active power metal and prog metal bands.

Preselection: Is run by organizers, but any voter may suggest his nominations which will be properly considered.

Nominations should be sent to organizers at metal@esckaz.com/ or published at the discussion board which is located at Metalism records messageboard. Voter can nominate only bands (not songs).

The main voting is done with judging all participating songs in 1-10 scale and votes should be sent to organizers at metal@esckaz.com or published at the discussion board which is located at Metalism records messageboard. Before the voting you should download and listen properly to all of the participating entries (about 40 songs). For voters residing in Almaty, Kazakhstan all entries can be given out on mp3 CD if requested. In case download link fails to function and no alternative will be available - organizers will take the decision whether to upload file themselves or to disqualify the entry. To get better quality mp3 - buy original CDs and if they are not available use sharing programs as E-Mule & Soulseek.
When voting try to judge not quality of recording and not quality of mp3 (because they may differ from country to country), but quality of the music, potential of the band and lyrics of the song.

Deadlines for voting are set by the organizers, in general voting period is one month. The contest is approximately 5 editions project scheduled to run every quarter of the year.

Participation in nominations and the main voting is open for everyone, but voter should mention his name, e-mail and city of residence when voting. One can vote for his own country, but all votes will be checked to prevent multiply voting. Please do not vote by giving 10 points to your country and 1 point to all others. This votes will be simply disregarded and your adress blocked from futher voting. Only correspondence in English or in Russian will be accepted. Attention: No mp3s to be sent via e-mail!

Disclaimer: Heavy Metal Eurovision is not real life contest, it is fan based event taking place in the internet. Purpose of it is to promote heavy metal bands from different European countries. Data and recordings used in this contest remain property of the bands and other copyright holders and are used by the organizers for the promotion purposes only. Heavy Metal Eurovision is not associated with Eurovision Song Contest which is registered trademark of European Broadcasting Union.

Organizers hold the right to change the rules at any point of the competition or to cease the event completely.

special thanks to www.metal-archives.com and http://metalism.fastbb.ru

We also kindly thank following band representatives for their interest in the project and wish them good luck in the contest and success in the future:
Amala, Arkenstone, Defect, Magister, Otrazhenie, Power Quest, Privateer, 7 thorns, StormCrow,
Black Abyss, Black Horsemen, Crusader, Emerald Sun, GloriaN, Mercury, Phoenix, Salamandra, Secret of Dawn, Steel Tormentor, Sweet Sorrow, Thunderbolt, Tyr, Worth;
Before Silence, Blynd, Eleftheria, Gaia Epicus, Gone, Eternal Flight, Manticora, Mindfeeder, Old Season, Tuzmadar;
Altair, Armageddon, Desert, Distant Light, Dyslesia, Emerald, Holy Dragons, Offertorium, Persefone, Rosebourg, VII Gates, Symbolic.

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